What makes our bookkeeping service unique?

We provide bookkeeping services at the same prices independent bookkeepers and you get the benefits of a full fledged firm behind you:

Affordable: We match the expertise of our bookkeepers to your exact needs so that you don’t have to pay a cent more than what you need. We tune our staffing as your requirements evolve.

Qualified: We are QuickBooks ProAdvisors and accountants. As QuickBooks experts we prepared to handle all of your accounting needs.

Committed: No risk of your bookkeeper disappearing and leaving you stranded. You hired a company, not a specific individual.

Do you come to me or do you work remotely?

If your office is in the Miami-Dade & Fort Lauderdale areas, we can do both. We have some clients who we see every week at their office and others whom we almost never see face to face.

We can provide bookkeeping services in your office or home office. Your paperwork does not leave your site. When we leave your office your books are current and up-to-date. We provide onsite services for invoicing, bill payment, check writing, sates tax reporting, bank and credit card reconciliation, budget and/or financial statements, preparation of all year end reports, W2s and 1099s.

Or we can do all of the above from our office. It’s totally up to you. We make it easy.

Use us as little or as much as you want.

The scope of our engagements can vary dramatically from a client to another.

On one end of the spectrum, some clients engage us just to help them get setup. We configure QuickBooks for them, train them and that’s it. The clients take over all the bookkeeping functions. We remain available as a resource for QuickBooks support.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have clients who don’t want to have to touch QuickBooks with a 10 foot pole. They outsource the full range of bookkeeping services to us: data entry, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, etc… All they ask for is a set of financial reports once a month.

However, the majority of our clients fall more in the middle of this range. Typically, the client would outsource certain bookkeeping services to us and retain others. For instance, it is not uncommon for the client to retain control over the invoicing process and delegate to Miami Bookkeeping Solutions the rest of the bookkeeping functions.

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